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    Xinjiang University was established in 1924 and is Xinjiang’s oldest, largest and most prestigious university. It is a member of the “211” project and is one of the ‘key universities’ in China. In 2010, it became one of the participating Chinese institutions in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation University’s ‘Area Studies’ Project. Xinjiang University is also a participating institution in the Education Bureau’s Sino-Russian, Sino-Japanese, Sino-Korean, Asian and East Asian University President Forum, making it the centre of academic exchange between China and Central Asia it is today. Xinjiang University is also an institution capable of accepting international students through the ‘Chinese Government Scholarship’, the ‘Confucius Institute Scholarship’ and the ‘Xinjiang Government Scholarship’ programmes.

    Xinjiang University is a so-called ‘garden university’ and is located near to Urumqi’s International Grand Bazaar, between the train station, the ‘Shangmao Trade and Commerce Centre’ and the ‘Xiyu Light Industrial Base’. It neighbours with international trading points, Bianjiang Hotel and Bianjiang World Trade City, and has convenient access to transport and everyday goods.

    Xinjiang University has nine disciplines: philosophy, economics, law, literature, history, natural science, engineering, management and art, covering the major fields of scientific research and higher education. At present, there are a total of 89 undergraduate degrees, 154 postgraduate degrees, 8 specialist postgraduate centres, 48 doctorate degrees and 11 post-doctoral research centres. 

    Xinjiang University can be split into 23 colleges, with more than 19000 undergraduate students, 4000 postgraduate students, 500 doctorate students and over 500 international students. 

    Xinjiang University not only has modern educational equipment, multimedia classrooms and sound labs, but also has state of the art scientific equipment, instruments and high-tech laboratories. It also has a modern, electronic library and one of the best multi-functional gymnasiums in North-western China. 

    Xinjiang University plays an active role in international exchange, officially signing cooperative agreements with 41 foreign universities and establishing partnerships with 134 educational and research institutes in over 30 different countries, such as the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Russia and Kazakhstan.

    In the university campus, there are a variety of canteens, supermarkets, bookshops and small shops. There is an athletics track, a badminton court, a basketball court and a gym. The International Student Dormitory is located on the edge of the university lake, with all the necessary facilities, such as a Western-style canteen, Chinese-style canteen, laundry rooms, kitchens and common room.  

    Xinjiang University is a multi-ethnic university, with a unique, multicultural atmosphere. This atmosphere is created by the student and teaching body, which is made up of almost 30,000 people from a range of ethnic groups, such as Uyghur, Han, Hui, Kazakh, Tajik and Kyrgyz. The scenery at Xinjiang University is something quite special, filled with a sense of academia. The library stands tall in the university campus, surrounded by an array of teaching blocks, vast playgrounds, the magnificent gymnasium and the beautiful Red Lake. Standing at the edge of Red Lake, one cannot help but notice the reflection of the small hill floating upon the water’s face and be transported into a fairytale world.    

    At present, Xinjiang University has a total of over 70 student societies, such as the ‘Presenting Association’, ‘Charitable Society’, ‘V5 Street Dancing Society’, ‘Orchid Pavilion Classical Chinese Society’, ‘Amateur Chess Society’, ‘Yang-style Taichi Society’, ‘Psychological Health Association’, ‘Magazine Society’ and ‘Law Volunteer Association’. Students can sign up to any they wish to join. The College of International Cultural Exchange has also established the International Student Council, which changes its members every Autumn Term. We warmly welcome all international students to come and take part!

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